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We are always welcome retirees or near-retirees to join us as volunteers. We offer various of opportunities and providing services with your experience, knowledge and skills. Also, you can try something new that you haven't done before. 

You will be one of the members in our Centre, assisting day-to-day operations or providing support services to the community and the elderly living in the elderly home.

If you are planning for retirement, we would be very grateful if you would consider joining us as one of the volunteers in this wonderful environment.


Various Volunteer Opportunities

With your free time, you can participate for full-days or half-days on positions to lead or assist in activities. You can also participate 1-2 hour session as an instructor’s assistant or visit the elderly around the district. If you are experienced in writing or editing photos, you can participate in writing and designing promotional materials from home.

Show others your

Abilities to help others

Professional knowledge and folk wisdom are valuable resources. Gardening, medical care, cooking, singing, handicrafts, gymnastics, chess, engineering, cleaning, maintenance, and many more skills can help the operation of the resort, making the service more diversified and professional, and helping the elderly in the community to cope with the difficulties of life.

Beginning of New

Passionate to experience something new

We offer different courses for volunteers to learn something new, you can become a health ambassador, tea instructor, gardening instructor, stargazing team member, drone operator, eco-guide, balloon twister, or food and beverage ambassador, and more.

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